Monday, February 5, 2007

Cozy Cowichan and the West Coast

I love it! The super cozy and comfortable Cowichan Zip-Up Sweater from TNA clothing company in Vancouver...

"Since 1998 we've been an active part of North West Coast culture. We thrive on the details that make it unique - the fresh powder on the mountains, the perfect wave in Tofino and the city that is so close to it all. From Whistler to Gastown, mountain to house party, TNA is Vancouver's answer to fashion and function..."

TNA has a submission series where you can submit your favourite photos and images of the West Coast to be showcased on their website...
"Vancouver is the backdrop of TNA, the landscape that inspires us to create. As the core of that landscape, we want to see the North West Coast through your eyes. Show us what inspires, drives and excites you... or what flat out makes you laugh..."

Oh, us West Coasters, we're a proud bunch... (:

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