Thursday, February 1, 2007

Inspiration de Chocolat

**Fabulous eye-catching ideas from up-and-coming Canadian Chocolat magazine...

Frame your favourite wallpaper print for a unique and bold art piece

Add a fun bird motif to a square angled metal lamp

A gorgeous wallpaper print struck on top of a round table adds colour and interest to a space

Brushed metal shelves positioned at chest level are a perfect place to display cherished objects

Love how this white fireplace frame pops against the brightly coloured wall

Plates hung low under a dark floating shelf makes for a dramatic focal point

Decals of elegant flocked patterns add charm to plain mirrors

Canvases painted in a bold and colourful hue are the perfect backdrop for an extra-large dried-berry arrangement

Love this magazine stand! Decals of crimson hibiscus give this transparent piece added pizazz

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My Marrakech said...

This magazine looks just fab, filled with affordable and doable things!