Saturday, February 3, 2007

Not Just Pretty, but Eco-Gorgeous

While on a meandering stroll downtown Victoria, I happened to indulge in a peek-around at the delightful eco-stylin' Not Just Pretty clothing store on Fort Street... "a small Manhattan style boutique in western Canada's most conscious city, Victoria."

Well, I was instantly taken by this gorgeous Meryl Microfiber Bamboo C-Sleeve Reversible Bubble Dress from Undesigned by Carole Young. The fabric is a French microfiber that has a slight sheen--it's very drapey and soft, and is a Carole Young staple. All of her designs are lovingly handcrafted at her own studio using eco-friendly, organic textiles. Not Just Pretty in Victoria is the only retailer in Canada to carry her exquisite collection of garments. Count our lucky Island stars!

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