Saturday, February 3, 2007

Plush Pillow Talk

4 All Seasons box set... a cozy pillow for every season, or any time of year.
"The best advice is found on the pillow"
~ Danish Proverb

The pillows from Plush Home + Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba are truly perfect in every sense of the word. Designers Dayna Kinsman and Jennifer Stephanson have combined their unique talents to create a design and manufacturing company specializing in these soft and sophisticated cushions. They also believe in giving back to the community... a portion of every pillow purchase is donated to Alpha House, a local Winnipeg long term shelter for battered women and children. Gifted and generous!

The Love Pillow says it all...

The True North Pillow... Oh, Canada! Truly, we are the perfect "10" with this maple leaf motif

Eat Pillow... inspiration by the spoon full! Sweet dreams...

Swoon Pillow in lip gloss pink and Mountie red (I love it!)

Joy Pillow... rest in good cheer and merriment

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