Thursday, February 8, 2007

Rainforest Rustic & Urban Chic

Shattered, Kiss, and Nelson

Amazing eco-friendly wood furniture designed by Vancouverite Brent Comber
Sculpted tables, stools and pieces of art blend the inspiring natural beauty of our Pacific Northwest with urban contemporary appeal. Like bringing a souvenir of a forest walk into your space...

Now, Brent doesn't just go around cutting down trees for his fine pieces of work, but rather uses reclaimed, recycled and already harvested woods. Even the castoff wood from his larger pieces are used in the designs of smaller items... hence, nothing goes to waste -- all the wood, from trunk to branches, right down to the twigs is used. Eco-cool!

Circular Coffee Table and Cube
Rustic appearance of alder sticks bundled together with thick cable... the heavy table actually has casters for functionality

Maple Table
Slab of maple wood turned into long chic table

Sea Sculptures
Inspired by the shapes and sizes of the many sea creatures inhabiting local tidal pools

Dos Caminos
Stunning lights carved from solid cedar logs suspended with chains from the ceiling of the Dos Caminos restaurant on Park Avenue in New York City

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