Tuesday, February 6, 2007

With Homegrown Flavour

Some fabulous designs from the Canadian company Flavour Design based out of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Élan and Mark Falvai have succeeded in producing a line of eco-cool and contemporary home furnishings and accessories carried all over the world... BC famous!

Spalted Alderbook Match Vase - beautiful, monolithic book-matched blocks made from spalted alder (wood from trees that have naturally fallen and aged on the forest floor). Use as a bud vase or tealight stand.

Potluck - pot rack with japanese character for luck, available in black, red, or stainless steel.

Chalklate - what you get when you cross a clock, a daytimer, and a chalkboard...

The famous Buddha Bowl - now the perfect bowl designed to rest in the palm of your hand... a favourite of Oprah's!

In The Hot Seat - a 10 quart brazier pot recycled into the perfect kitchen/restaurant stool.

Savon - antique clawfoot cast iron bath recycled into a loveseat, upholstered in icy blue faux suede. Each piece is unique... matching pillows included.

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mohairpink said...

Love these refashioned pieces. I wonder what husband would do if I pulled out a big gas flame to cut a hole in our bathtub!