Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dearest Emery

Little Pouf in wrought iron upholstered with Simple Red velvet in Grosse Fleur print, cement tiles in plain and patterned

**Rich, opulent, eclectic, luxe... words that some to mind when describing the ever-dazzling Emery & Cie
Gorgeous furniture, textiles, colours and the like.
So many sumptious images, so little space...

Low table with Crottes de Gazelles leg design, Chinese seat, mattress and cushions in African Brown velvet, hand embroidered silk cushion in the colour of Eternal Regrets, Napoleon III arm chair in Brown Damask

Silk cushions and printed velvet Noir blanket in Méchants oiseaux pattern

Low Riveted table, shiny pale green glass tiles framed with engraved patterns.
Juvenile armchairs in wrought iron, Orpheus pattern rug and wallpaper bearing Orpheus pattern

Limited edition low incense-burner pouffe in Rouge Chinois, Gulliver rug, Oiseaux dans l’Herbe in wrought iron, velvet mattress colour Gris Souris with embroidered and printed velvet cushions

Low Riveted table with Fish cement tiles tabletop, velvet seating printed by Timorous Beasties

Iznik low table with lacquer tabletop, tile mural in Zelliges, Punishment seat with embroidered velvet cushion

Arbre canopy in wrought iron, black velvet bedcover, curtains in organdie with Naughty Birds print, chandelier of transparent beads

Velvet cushions in Améthyste and Rouge simple on Arbres daybed

High table with Oiseaux leg design, patchwork tabletop with turquoise cement patterns in greens and blues, wrought iron Wild Grass chairs, Kasbouri and Copper Oxide tabelware, crockery, ceiling lamp in Anagreen glass, wall colour Kasbouri and Sombre Turquoise

Oreiller d’Herbes bed, embroidered linen sheets in Kasbouri, large velvet cushions in Spring Green, bedcover in printed linen with Arbre Premier pattern, lamp on stand with ceramic beads in Kasbouri and velvet lampshade printed with Méchants Oiseaux pattern, ceramic pouffe with handles in Timid Green, skirting in cement tiles with Fern design, lower part wallpapered with Orpheus pattern, wall colour Blue Green and laquered panel in Early Yellow

Low pouffe in limited edition colour Indigo, folding screen with Lune-vague print

Champignon pouffes, painted Souk table, crockery colour Zefzoufi, and Daily Delhi cutlery


norththreads said...

Beautiful finds! Thanks so much for stopping by & visiting my blog and your kind words!

local girl said...

Great photos! I love that couch with the pink and purple pillows. Also that outdoor table with mushroom stools is adorable!

Thanks for stopping by!

mohairpink said...

Lovelylovelylovely. I especially loved that green glass tiles coffee table - a fun project.

kim. said...

Love everything in those pics! Very pretty - especially the pouf and the flowery bed!

My Marrakech said...

it's all crazy beautiful:-)