Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Moment with Nature

Dozing Lynx painting by Saltspring artist Robert Bateman...
"The lynx in a late evening's tranquil moment at the entrance to a cave. It is at peace - lightly dozing prior to its night hunt. As I painted, I felt that the icicles and the lynx were like an oriental carving in alabaster or light jade"

The Canadian Lynx is a solitary and mysterious animal, roaming the Great White North's broad boreal forest belt. The name Lynx comes from the Greek word "to shine," and may be in reference to the reflective ability (and beauty) of the cat’s eyes. The wildcat is majestic and attractive with it's long ear tufts and solid black-tipped tail. Sadly, however, the lynx is a threatened animal... population has dwindled in recent years as it is extensively hunted for fur (why, might I ask, destroy such beauty?)

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casapinka said...

Such a majestic creature, I hope we can icrease their population