Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Instrument of Spring

I dream of bicyclettes, oh an instrument sublime.
An empty blue sky overhead and the dry heat of summer, I steam through the tulip-lined streets of Amsterdam on an old beetle back. The spirit of the surroundings feeds my ride...
Okay, so I have never had the luxury of pedaling around the Netherlands and beyond... but I would love to one day. However, I do enjoy a meandering spin here and there on the idyllic lanes of Victoria... afterall, we are Canada’s most cycling-friendly city.

Movement brings freedom. And that is found in the bicycle. We loved it as a child, and we love it just the same as an adult. Once you get back in the saddle that same sense of euphoria, independence, and enjoyment is intoxicating. And these longer days and warmer evenings produce a season especially designed for the pedal bike...
This Jorg & Olif city bike is the real thing, locally designed and developed by Vancouver duo Rob MacDonald and Jane Cox. With original European aesthetic --the swept-back handlebars and a beautifully smooth seat-- this design is Dutch classicism at its finest. Sensible, stylish, simple, and smart... it even comes with a traditional Dutch bell - now how fantastisch is that!
Slow-paced living... a Jorg & Olif motto sums it all up:
"it's not about getting from A to B; it's enjoying the in-between"
Now I dream of cities where the most popular and beloved transportation is the bicyclette...


suzanne said...

what a perfect spring post! now's the time to ride!
i much preferred my bike over anything else as a kid. i miss those days just cruising around the neighborhood without a care in the world. you're right on about the sense of freedom and euphoria. the bike really is about a connecting with your surroundings and oneself
remarkable post terramia! your talented!

Anonymous said...

The wheels on my bike go round and round--
Bicycle season is officially here!
The ~design~ of the bicycle is so often overlooked-- this Dutch bike has marvellous lines, tempting in every way.
Genius of you to post about this-- I will be dreaming about this bike!

francis(without the bean) said...

The pleasure >> That seat is hilarious!