Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Suitcase Love

I love coming across inexpensive, cool-looking vintage suitcases at local flea markets and thrift shops. They aren't just for travelling... a vintage suitcase can become a unique piece of furniture as a side table or a stacked console for the entryway. The suitcases are also a great place to store extra stuff! Vintage chic... and functional!

(top) Junk Market Style

Living Etc

Pottery Barn

Ron Marvin

Junk Market Style

Pottery Barn


Susan said...

This I regret - I should have kept the offer to take the beautiful vintage suitcases passed down from my Nanna. The way these are displayed is terrific.

casapinka said...

Love the colored ones. I can never get them to look right when I try it myself, though.

susan said...

This is an absolutely fantastic post. These images each tell a beautiful story. I really enjoyed this.

Anonymous said...

What a unique post! Thank you!

Linda said...

You have the most prolific posts. You might be the queen of blogging on the west coast, darling. I will spread the word. <:-)

kim. said...

I just gave away 5 of these. They were great for storage/sidetables.