Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wings in Flight

To spread wings and soar... across the deep blue sky and through the clouds so pure and fine, bracing and delicious
Bird's Eye View ceramic design by Adi Fainer
(top) Wintering Trumpeter Swans in flight over Central Saanich, taken by W. Tremblay


Sarah said...

These are beautiful and so kinetic. Do you know if they are available for purchase any where?

** Terramia ** said...

Hi Sarah,

Aren't they amazing?
I believe this particular line is currently available for limited commissions.
Adi Fainer has his own studio in Tel-Aviv, but previously spent many years in Milan where he collaborated with numerous Italian designers, including Alessi and Vitra. We'll see where this design goes...
I am in the midst of acquiring more information for you, so stay tuned!

** Terramia ** said...


Spoke to Adi, and here is his response to your request Sarah:

"Currently "Bird's Eye View" is a prototype and it is not available for purchase. I am in the process of finding a commercial producer.
If you can recommend me a Canadian/American one it will be very helpful.

As soon as "Bird's Eye View" will be available I will update you.
Thanks again!


Thanks Adi for the quick response!