Friday, March 30, 2007

Totally in the Bag

Yesterday, San Francisco became the first city in North America to ban the use of traditional plastic grocery bags. Leaf Rapids, a tiny town in northwestern Manitoba, is quickly following suit and is set to become the first Canadian community to ban plastic bags.
The lovely Kootenay town of Rossland (close to my birthplace) will also be implementing a voluntary ban on single-use plastic bags.
No better time to BYO a stylish, eco-cute bag to keep our planet plastic-free... love our earth!

I so fancy these gorgeous handmade bags designed by Dana Huhn of U.Bagz in Vancouver.
She uses recycled fabrics and swatches from interior design catalogs to create the eco-cool clutches and handbags. Her uniqueness is available locally at Whirled Arts in Fan Tan Alley. The hip and locally made BYOB plastic-replacement line can be found here (and see the sad sight I come across from time to time...)


Lydia said...

I am giddy knowing that people are starting to come to their 'green' senses. Just wish it would spread like wildfire.
Bags = cool!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see!

chris said...

I wonder when whole provinces and states will get onboard. How about nationally? Kick start the anti-plastic movement!!

Linda said...

I like the "peace sign" bag the best! And I linked over to your other plastic bag post- that is a disturbing yet poetic photo!