Friday, March 16, 2007

The Unique Boutique Hotel

The Gladstone Hotel is a unique hotel in the heart of Toronto's vibrant art and design neighbourhood (Queen St. W.). The landmark Victorian building is historically valuable because it is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto, and it is rich in experience providing visitors with an authentic taste of the local creative culture. The hotel devotes much of it's space to studio work areas and installation venues for thriving artists. Some recent projects include designs by Bruno Billio, Koma Designs, and MADE for the Come Up to my Room exhibit during the recent Toronto Interior Design Show (images can be seen here)
The hotel has thirty-seven rooms designed by local artists... each room is truly individual and presents guests with a unique experience.
Step into the woodsy retreat of room 304, or the scrumptious celebration of the colour rouge in room 303, or the trail of leaves in room 412. With a diversity of aesthetic themes, Gladstone has a room for every taste...
(from top) MADE Hybrid lighting and seating installation
318 Blue Line Room: designed by Ghost Design (Barr Gilmore + Michel Arcand)

306 Urban Voyageur: designed by Koma Designs

304 Faux Naturelle: designed by Allyson Mitchell

405 Parlour of Twilight: designed by Corwyn Lund + Simone Moir

404 Canadiana: designed by The Big Stuff + Jenny Francis

317 Model Citizen: designed by Julian Finkel

406 El-e-men-tal: designed by Rob Southcott

303 Red Room: designed by Ruckus (Kate Austin + Kristin Ledgett)

305 Teen Queen: designed by Ceclia Berkovich

308 Queen Suite on Queen Street: designed by Maison St. Pierre (Tim Friesen, D’Arcy St. Pierre and Patrick Lightheart)


Chantal said...

You blow my socks off, Terra, with your amazing posts! I check your blog daily!!

Anonymous said...

those Made ottomans are so deadly. really cool post here.

Jenny (in Edmonton) said...

Swwwweeeettt! I know to stay there when in T.O.!

Crunchy Carpets said...

wow..I think I remember seeing something about this place on tv.
It is so amazing.
I wish they would do something like that in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

truly a joy to read this. thank you

Lesley said...

If you haven't checked out Fox Hotel you should! There are amazing graphics done in each room! Its quite an inspiration.
Its exciting to hear that something like that has hit TO, I was afraid that Europe was going to have all the fun. Now we just have to find someone to bring the fun to BC!!