Thursday, March 22, 2007

Springtime in a Bottle

A pretty flower holder... a blue glass bottle tied with a ribbon hangs from a nail
From Country Living


kim. said...

I have this issue and always loved this photo. I had a collection of that green glass...sent it to Value Village a couple weeks ago along with a ton of other stuff. (So sick of clutter)

Sarah said...

So pretty! What a neat idea!

Kendra+Lynn said...

As Martha would say spring cleaning is a GOOD thing!

Blue glass bottles are so beautiful lined in row or with a delicate flower.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Virginia said...

NO NO NO not Value Village!!!! They turn around and sell the items as a PROFIT, top heavy company and they treat their staff like lowlifes (big ongoing controversy here in Alberta about that) --
Sally Anne or your local charity is much better! Just how i do things - or you should have called me as i would have taken them for my upcoming outdoor wedding!

Virginia said...

That post was for kim. :)
Terramia--your blog is eye candy! i get so many ideas from you.

kim. said...

Hey Virginia - I would have given you everything I had. My mom-in-law suggested V.V. so since she was the one to take the stuff out of my house I didn't question the location. Perhaps I should have now that I know :( Thanks for the heads up.

Virginia said...

Hey kim.!!!

Maybe next time! After seeing your new bathroom, I am starstruck!
I WANT all of your stuff now!!!
Cheers, Virginia xo