Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grabba Java Sac: The Hangover Cure

I love this bag! Not *just* because it is made with deliciously cool fabric, but because it connotes java time (which I so savour... especially the "morning after"!)
The heavy Japanese canvas mini sac is reversible and two sided: one side, including the inside, is printed with flowers and red & white polka dot mushrooms... the other side (as shown here) is Shanghai printed cotton with images of seltzer and glasses of water, aspirin, breath mints, coffee, and the words "morning after underwear" printed all over.
Quirky cute! Handmade by Nico of Its Your Life in Vancouver...


paula said...

This is the perfect tribute to the morning after! The fabric is a prescription!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Great overnight bag for hospital, boyfriends', hotel. Wink, wink.