Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Silly or Sassy?

TV Caddy with Clock created by Go Home, an Australian design company.
Stores all you need for the ultimate "portable" tele experience, in a striking camouflage print to blend into, um, the great outdoors (you never know...)
The SOS (store our stuff) boob tube cube... funky or fubar?


Anonymous said...

Cool if you were camping and had a portable tv!
Maybe in a different pattern. The clock is really neat.

At Home with kim vallee said...

Like anything else in life it depends for whom and where you use it. Put it in a family room in the basement or a teenager room, especially a male and it may look sassy. Students living in small spaces can like that you can store many things in a single place. The idea has potential but the execution can be better. I am not a fan of the camouflage pattern. Seeing in other fabrics may help.

My first impression was that is was silly. I will not buy this. A little bit of exercise while watching TV does not hurt anyone.

lesley said...

Sasssssyyyyy! I think its fun!

designdude said...


Anonymous said...

I have to say sassy because you write with such sass!

BennyinBoston said...

SOS: sassy or silly?