Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Umbrella Illuminance

Pink Mohair kindly re-introduced me to the wonderful design world of Sakura Adachi... and I am instantly taken by the Lighting Umbrella.
I have heard of this type of lamp gadget, but I have never seen such a concoction for sale in my neck of the woods. Nonetheless, this is très practical for us wet, er, west coasters. A source of illumination would be handy as I rummage for those car keys, or to watch the reflection of light bounce off those glistening rain puddles. It can even be turned into an emergency lamp by placing the handle cap on the top of the umbrella (like a rainhouse beacon!)
Makes for a mighty fine la-dee-da instrument during those soggy days... an umbrella "spotlight" (perfect for a rendition of Singin In The Rain...!)

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Anonymous said...

You write with such sass!