Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Propeller Island Experience

Familiar with the saying "Love to travel, hate to arrive"?
Well, feast your eyes on this unique destination.... the very extraordinary Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin.
Yet another themed art hotel (I am intrigued...) containing thirty designer rooms of amazing ingenuity created by the very talented German artist Lars Stroschen. "Living in a work of art".... the hotel is more like an installation museum offering a totally unique experience.
Here's a handful of rooms... take a pick of which ones you would spend the night in:
(from top, left to right)
The nature room with a log post bed, forest room in red, topsy-turvy room with everything upside down, a room with images of clouds, a prison cell room with a hole in the wall, flying bed room, castle room with colourful wooden fortress and walls, a room in all white with a variety of therapeutic lamps, a black and white symbol room, a room in orange, a coffin room where you slumber beneath closed lids, and a space cube room with an illuminated barrier that can split the bed in half
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... which space catches your eye?


Younger Leo said...

So beautiful in house design.
Regards. Younger Leo Blog

Anonymous said...

I would definitely stay there! I like the clouds room the best.

Karin said...

My kids would love the castle/fairytale room the best. But I would try out that upside down room! Trippy!
Thank you for showing this!

Pauline said...

Who in there right mind would pay to sleep in a coffin? That's just creepy! However i do like all the other ones particularly the symbols room (although i would probably dream of algebra and algorithms!!!)
Terramia: you find the neatest stuff!!

jim said...

came across you on curbly.
cool site.

Anonymous said...

I like the allwhite room with those cool lookin lights!