Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Moment with Nature

Seals, oh dear seals... so beautiful.
I love animals dearly and it pains me to see that it is that time again. My heart is breaking... these marine mammals are so magnificent!

A trio of curious seals basking on a rock just off the shore of Oak Bay, Victoria....

(top image from Canada Tourism)


Anonymous said...

i just saw this on TV!! there was a protest here in Vancouver last week about this senseless act that is really about to start any day now!
these creatures are really beautiful. it is Canada's red mark on the global stage that this still happens for no reason at all!! sad, cruel, horrific and so unnecessary!! it is sick that the media isn't allowed to capture images anymore (actually did you know they are completely banned from really talking about it, let alone show any pictures?!
that is censorship to a tee!)
canadians know this slaughter is wrong but the suited men of Parliament Hill want NO ONE to see the red stained sea! i really pray this ends soon!
Thanks for posting this!!!!!

Katherine said...

Hi Terra!
Peta has a petition to sign about this. Dont know if it will change things for right now (God help us) but you never knows unless you try. I guess just act as if what you do makes a difference.
I can shed a few tears over this too. Tragic. People need to be educated about this.

Anonymous said...

I like how you talk about natures design in your blog, not just home style.
This is really embarassing for your country.

Sandee said...

Because people like fur! Seal coat anyone?

annoko said...

is it really for seal skins and nothing else like i have read? they leave the skinnd body just laying there to rott?
thats evil