Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love My Place

The ever intriguing Gladstone Hotel in Toronto was thee place for the official launch of a really cool website this evening....
Love My Place is geared towards those who love to repair, renovate and decorate their homes. It is Canada's first female-oriented online resource for inspiration and information about topics relating to home design, décor, renovation, maintenance and real estate.
I have been perusing the site here and there... its in its infancy, but already shows alot of progress and promise.
"Whether you're an eager DIYer or the type that wants to turn over the whole dirty job to someone else, will provide the information, resources and advice you need to make the renovation, design and financial decisions that will both enhance the value of your home, and your own enjoyment of it"
Should be another swell home design resource, Canadiana style!

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Emmie said...

This sounds really cool.I would love to check out the website.Thanks a lot for sharing the link.I am sure this would be of great help.Best wishes to you and your blog. Cheers.Emmie