Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Displaying Pieces of Nature

Tom Scheerer

Ah, the sensory element of a fireplace. Nothing quite beats relaxing in front of a warm, radiant fire with logs burning bright on a cool evening. Days and nights are warming up, and it's nearly time for the wood to be tucked away for the next blast of frigidity. Piled in a corner, or tossed into a basket in aesthetic or functional form... there is an art to displaying and storing these pieces of nature

Pottery Barn

Elle Decor

Living Etc

David Netto

Miles Redd

Canadian House & Home

Cecconi Simone

Western Interiors

Marie Claire Maison

Pottery Barn

Marc Corbiau

Studio Luxe


Sandee said...

Awesome pictures, Terra!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted a real fireplace but I had to settle for a gas one (energy efficient). But I have a pretty pile of reclaimed birch logs beside it!
Fab post!!

jamie said...

Such great pictures....I heart them all!

Phoebe said...

stunning... thanks so much!

At Home with kim vallee said...

That same level of beauty can be achieved outside too. Decoration magazines do not publish enough outside spaces during winter.
At the cottage last week-end, I am amazed by how my neighbors beautifully store their wood piles in a charming and neat outside box. Attention to details always pays off.

rondell meeks said...

while it's beautiful, storing wood inside your home can be a really dangerous thing to do.

wood for burning is usually stacked in piles outdoors for quite some time where bugs and other slithery critters love to burrow inside and live and lay eggs. when you bring this indoors these bugs love to scurry off and live inside your home. you can bring bark beetles, carpenter ants and termites inside.

bottom line: only bring in wood you are prepared to burn immediately.

that first picture with a room of wood, is definitely something special. i wouldn't be surprised if that is a permanent fixture and the wood was kiln dried first.

** Terramia ** said...

Oh, I know! Looks appealing, but....
At the cabin on Mayne Island, we have to be extra careful with little critters... the spiders are the worst of the lot! Eeks!
Bang your wood before bringing indoors!!

Anonymous said...

I love what looks like a painting of pieces of wood. It is over the cafe table with three chairs. Does anyone know who the photographer/artist is? Thank you.