Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Glow of the Outside World

Coral Chandelier, in Rust

"It's the whimsy of nature,
the chaotic beauty of the unexpected,
and the primitive attraction to light..."

This is the inspiration of Shannon Shapiro for the design of these gorgeous organic light fixtures... each piece reflects the memory of a specific time and place in her past. Shannon is an interior designer from Los Angeles who is the founder and principal designer for Moth Design. She finds creativity in her natural surroundings as she strives to bring "the outdoors in"...
Her absolutely stunning handmade coral replica lamps are available at Industrial Storm in Toronto

Coral Kiki Sconce

Twiggy Lamp, in Green

Tree-like Tree Sconce, in French Plaster

Coral Floor Lamp

Danny Sconce

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Anonymous said...

I love her "art".
Saw this on other sites now but you were right on it-- Good stuff!!