Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cooing over Coe & Waito

You have probably seen these before, but I just have to showcase them once again. True Canadian talent deserves ongoing recognition...

I am absolutely in love with these beautiful porcelain objects from Coe & Waito in Toronto. The forms are simple, clean and modern; and the very fine and meticulous detailing make each piece uniquely charming.

"Their porcelain objects are inspired by the emotional effects of nature and material culture. They aim to create quiet objects that have a deep and lasting impact..."

The application of minimal glaze, manipulation of texture, and transferring of silk-screen enamels turn the objects into gorgeous and gentle pieces of art.
J'adore thee...

Birds - porcelain with clear glaze

Cylinder Vases with clear glaze with layers of enamel decal fired on to the porcelain surface. Each one is made by hand and slightly different...

Flared Cups and Vases

Textured Vases - porcelain with clear glaze on inside only

Pinecones in porcelain

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