Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Things I Like

Some neat things found here and there...

Ambler Annapurna Hat from MEC in Victoria - hand-knit and hand-dyed in Nepal, by people who work for fair wages in clean, safe conditions. Good for the head, good for the heart.

Colourful and stunning Bora Wind Chimes from Accents de Ville

Recycled Glass Soap Dish from Grass Roots in Toronto - from your blue box to your bathroom sink, where age-old craftsmanship meets innovative manufacturizing.

Beaufort Fillable Lamp from Canadian Tire - fillable lamp stem allows you to add potpourri, wine corks, gum balls, nuts and bolts, Cheerios etc. for a unique look.

Dino Globe from World Wide Nature - Inflatable globe has images of Dinosaurs and their names.

Luon Cuff from lululemon in Victoria - no need for pockets as this wrist band design keeps your key or money safe and sound

Pink Butterfly Wristlet from Spark in Vancouver - velvet with soft black embroidered butterfly & swarovski crystals.

Boreal Light at Decor Home in Vancouver -created by local design talents, Propellor

Blik Glassticks from Home Depot Canada - a variety of removable graphics that stick to any glassware

Red Dragonfly Magnet from The World Wide Nature Company

Cube Lamp from Button Design in Vancouver - the contemporary art lamp sets the atmosphere of your room with a variety of changeable coloured windows.

Tiffany Dragonfly Stained Glass Umbrella from Raindrops in Toronto

Cute Dog Bookends from Chintz in Victoria

Slotted Toss Cushions from EQ3 in Vancouver - made in corduroy and fit nicely into the provided rack for storage.

Snap Wallet by Smoking Lily in Victoria - contrasting color inside and printed with a moth on the front

I Love Tofu shirt from Alternative Outfitters

Driftwood Pillar Holders from the naturals collection at ADV

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