Monday, December 11, 2006

Belle Bags

"Everything I need is right here in this extraordinary purse" - Dorothy Kilgallen


Minty Toronto Cityscape vegan coin purse from etsy

Chocolate Cable Knit Bag, Functional Flannel Tote, and Touch of Faux Fur from joefreshstyle

Emk Bags from emkclothing available at She-She Bags in Victoria

Embroidered Bag from Passenger Pigeon in Toronto

Cotton Canvas LA-Z Girl Bag from American Apparel-Canada in Vancouver

Hand felted Marilyn Lee "Dotty" Handbag from Co-Operative Shop & Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver

Fiddleheads 100% Organic cotton denim bag from Twice Shy located at Not Just Pretty in Victoria

Abstract Green Gathered Bag, Quilted Floral Deer Purse, Red Geometric Patch Flap Purse from goodmorning-morning in Vancouver

Ch-BG floral bag from Precociousboutique at Paradise in Victoria

Bella Bag made by Smoking Lily in Victoria

Recycled Sailcloth Bags from vivaterra

Organic Sweatshop-free Crocheted Hemp Vegan Purse from

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girls likes bags