Friday, December 22, 2006

Wrap Me in Peace


"Peace is not something you wish for;
It's something you make,
Something you do,
Something you are,
And something you give away.”
~ Robert Fulghum

Adore this recycled cashmere Peace Scarf from Hip & Zen (they ship to the Great White North.. happy happy!)...



Crunchy Carpets said...

Sorry.I couldn't find an email.
I am a Vancouver based blogger..

I am starting a community blog site called Wet Coast Women and just wanted to spread the word.

In case you would be interested in linking up and or contributing to it too if you so desired. So far i am open to most topics areas of interest....BC Women Style.

let me know what you think...I will be launching as soon as I get my act together!


** Terramia ** said...

Sounds cool!

Drop me a note at for more insight into your idea... thanks for thinking of me!

Merry, Merry! (: