Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Raindrops Keep Falling...

Raindrops sleeping in a cloud
Breathing ocean’s vapor
Eating the ocean’s salt
Growing steadily strong
With storms and winds
Bursting with love
Becoming a precious gift
From the sky to the earth
Nourishing grass and trees
And plants and flowers
Pouring in oceans, lakes and rivers
Celebrating its life
Tap dancing on window panes
And singing with the wind
Before falling down to the ground
As sunshine dries the airAnd raindrops disappear

~ Gloria Buono (c) 2005

I saw these gorgeous hanging ornaments on Apartment Therapy:LA , and I just have to spread the joy to my fellow rain-soaked friends here on the Wet, er, West Coast.
With all this crazy weather we have been experiencing, I think these Glass Raindrops, by Smith & Hawkin, are the most fitting ornaments to reflect our environment. A symbol of our amazing and diverse eco-system... us Islanders do reside in a rainforest afterall!
Lest we forget, water is the essence of life...

Goodness, the glass drops are so stunning I would leave them up all year round, or would that be the equivalent to a "rain dance".... a prayer for lots and lots of the wet stuff! Hmmm....

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bubamaca said...

oh my gosh!what a beautiful rain dance!