Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Eco-Clean Experience

So you have to get your festive wear all ready for the holiday shin-dig around thee ole corner? Time to sort out what's clean or not... time to dry clean perhaps? Freshen up that polyester pant suit, or fuschia tafetta bridesmaid dress circa 1985...?

I am so happy that there is an earth-friendly dry cleaning alternative here in the lovely and quaint city of Victoria (which could be considered realtively small by metropolitan standards... about 74000 dwellers in the city area). Nonetheless, we are a bunch of green folks. And we take pride in our environment. Vancouver Island is even known to export granola, hippy-type folk from time to time (excluding Pamela Anderson of course).
Soooo, back to my story... I took some items to Elite Cleaners in Cook Street Village. A solvent-free alternative to ordinary dry cleaning. And much to my surprise, natural cleaning agents got my garment all nice and shiny new again! Tres impressed, and I feel not the least bit guilty about contributing Perc to our chemical laden environment (have you read the study that are bodies are getting to be more and more like walking toxic soups... eeks!).
I feel good about this eco-choice... nice to have in town!

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