Friday, December 15, 2006

Wrap me in luxury, Wrap me in fur

Winter is around the corner, and ole Jack Frost is nipping at your nose and toes...

Time to definitely indulge in some warmth and coziness....

And what better way to keep toasty than to wrap yourself in something soft and luxurious.... fur. Yes, you heard me. Fur!

Now, now... don't go all batty on me. I mean *faux* fur!
I still stand strong on my belief that there is no excuse for real fur. In my humble opinion, the fur industry is cruel and inhumane. I am an animal lover... I can't help it. Sadly, a lot of people do not know the horrors and depth of suffering that these animals have to endure for our luxury.

So.... I found this amazing site which offers really authentic looking fur. Why support the real fur industry when there are so many fabulous alternatives out there?

Fabulous-Furs designed by Donna Salyers offers a mix of luxurious and elegant fur designs...

"Inspiration for Fabulous-Furs came over a decade ago when I was on my way to purchase a mink coat. On my car radio, Paul Harvey described kittens being skinned to become 'mink' teddy bears. Instead of buying a coat that day, I was inspired to create a luxurious alternative."

Some of the designs... (remember they aren't real animals!)

Blonde Fox Oversized Throw

Fur Pillows that come in an assortment of *faux* furs:

Black Mink, Blonde Fox, Cheetah, Grey Chinchilla, Leopard, Lynx, Red Fox, Sable, Snow Leopard, Tan Chinchilla, and White Minx...

Black Mink Oversized Throw

"It’s gratifying to know that our products, in providing a luxurious alternative to real animal fur, bring joy to people all over the world, and at the same time, make unnecessary the destruction of countless animals.”

I support that...

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