Monday, December 11, 2006

Unique Wreath Inspirations

Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.

Much symbolism can be attributed to the Christmas wreath...

The shape of wreath is traditionally a circle, which has no beginning and no ending. In some cultures, this represents the eternal nature of a god's love and mercy, everlasting faith in humanity, and/or the circle of life. The most common colour of wreaths, green, is also known to be the colour of hope and new life.

The decorative value of wreaths is believed to have been derived by ancient tradition; different floral and decorative arrangements were used to identify the different families and houses.... just as we use it today as our own signature flair.

Hang a wreath on the door to welcome visitors, or on the wall to add decorative finesse, the traditional accent will surely add a warm, festive, and personal touch to any space...

Boxwood Wreath from Williams-Sonoma. Simple branches of greenery... and fini!

Glitter-and-shine Garland wreath from anthropologie. Pastel metallic balls wound around a wreath frame. Pretty and polished!Mixed Floral Chocolate Wreath from crateandbarrel. I like the sound of chocolate used in a wreath! It is actually cocoa-hued flowers and satin ribbon that make the wreath sound and look so lush!

Succulent Living Wreath from vivaterra. My favourite... eco-friendly, alive and thriving...

Boa Wreath from cityline. Wrap a dark boa around a wire base, and hang by a pretty ribbon.

Grass and Pomegranate Wreath by theflowerdepot. If you are lucky enough to still have remnants of autumn in your neck of the woods, then go outside and start collecting!

Winterberry Wreath from Restoration Hardware. Faux berries wrapped around a wreath frame. Add greenery for an authentic look.

Candy Cane Wreath made from foam wreath form, ribbon, and candycanes glued and pinned to wreath. See here for complete instructions. Unique and edible...

Birch Bark Wreath by Joshua & Company as seen on cityline . Now don't go stripping the skin off an ole birch tree, but get your hands on some "curlys" and this can be weaved into one cool looking wreath!

Pear Wreath from chintz. Faux or no... branches bound and tied looks colourful and tres organic.

Bay Leaf Wreath from PotteryBarn. I wonder.. can you use the leaves for a delicious soup post-holidays? Hmmmm....

Ornament Wreath from pier1. Colourful plastic ornaments and satin tinsel wound around a metal base. Festive and bright!

Magnolia Wreath from themagnoliacompany. Silk flowers wound around a wire base makes for a wreath that is both festive and floral. If it only smelled pretty too.. CandyCane Wreath idea from bhg... another twist on the sweet and striped candycane classic!

Rosette Wreath idea from cityline... attach roses to square frame. Voila! Pretty in all shades of pink!

Traditional Wreath from gki. Classic and festive, and easy to make!

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