Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Be Evokativ, Eh

J'adore Evokativ t-shirt company in Vancouver. True Canadiana style.
The designs make me feel the need to belt out our anthem loud and clear for all to hear...

Oh, Canada!
Our home and native land...
True patriot love in our t-shirt brand.
With glowing hearts we see thee wear,
The True North strong and free...

Each shirt design is unique, and symbolizes a story or event in Canadian history...

As stated by Evokativ,

"Our Canadian Series attempts to stir emotional pride in the history and culture of this great wide land, beyond the usual patriotic jingoism of maple leafs, mounties and moose.
It's not about Canadians 'kicking ass'. It's about downing beers in your local bar and discussing the merits of a Prime Minister putting a choke hold on a protester. It's about watching hockey and telling the story of The Habs fan who tried to steal the Stanley Cup. It's about the yodeller who travelled the railways and became a star. "

Amen to that, eh!

Be mindful... be Canadian (:

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