Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mountie Series by Arnold Friberg

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a symbol of Canada, known all over the world.

The RCMP is a recognizable, dynamic, and significant representation for a nation. Their history, and legacy, is like that of Canada itself... one of grand adventure, stunning panaramas, and larger-than-life individuals. They played a leading role in shaping Canada's history and continue to be an integral part of our identity.
It is a point of pride that we hold high in our nation...

And no one seems to capture the very essence and spirit of the Royal Mounted Police than artist Arnold Friberg. In 1873, the Canadian Government formed the North-West Mounted Police, which later came to be named the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Friberg is able to portray the historical image of the RCMP, and paint the early stories that are full of adventure and never-ending action in an untamed frontier.
Lest it be known that it is legendary that the RCMP "always get their man"...

Here is a sampling of some of his famous artwork...

Maintaining the Right by Arnold Friberg

"The strong solid realism seen in the commanding figure of the rider on his splendid mount stands in contrast to the airy visionary procession of "riders in the sky" bringing to mind memories of the many who have gone before, whose courage and devotion did establish the enduring traditions of the Force. By including the lettered motto and the crests of the RCMP and of Canada’s Provinces and Territories, the artist has here bound together, into one epic historic images, 125 years of strength, service and devotion to duty."

Here, a Mountie sitting tall and poised on his decorated horse, ready and waiting to get his man....

Springtime in the North by Arnold Friberg

A glistening stallion taking a drink, a Canadian forest in its pre-spring beauty, and the Scarlet Serge tunic of a Mountie...

Tales of the Force by Arnold Friberg

There is a sense of liveliness, wisdom, and pride as the Mountie passes down his stories... captivating and inspiring to the eager listeners.


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