Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Creative, Crazy, and Cool


More zany stuff floating around in this world... where do people come up with these ideas?


Good Egg Footstool handmade from 100 percent recycled paper pulp, egg cartons, and colored with water-based fabric dye. Turn it any which way.. looks kinda like a big roll of yarn! I like... super eco-friendly and super cool looking, from

Barbed Wire Toilet Seat... teach that man of yours to keep the seat down! Ha ha ha
Don't worry about that hiney of yours... tis fake.. the seat has barbed wire set in the polyresin toilet seat so it has a nice smooth surface (phew!). I know.. kinda has that "whatda..." factor. Sorta weird, crazy, and cringey all at the same time... but (pardon the pun) could be great for a joke and a hearty chuckle.
As seen in Novelty Toilet Seats section at

Snowman Sugar Dispenser from Maxim Vecovsky at Up To You in Toronto. A stoppered base makes refills easy... and helps *not* make it look like Frosty is melting in a heat wave...
Seasonally sweet!


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