Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Portable Inspiration

Portable Style inspiration by DesignerGuys.
An example of a blend of classic and contemporary designs that work together in a large space. Infusing mid-century style and modern decor in the rooms creates an atmosphere full of warmth, functionality and character...

It isn't always easy to add a dash of elan and panache to a rental space, but by using some portable pieces a space can easily be transformed into something unique and stylish... a reflection of your own personality and taste.
Here, modern artwork, a coat of paint (love the rouge), portable pieces (such as the easily removable pendant lamp) are used as simple ways to add personality and distinctive elegance to the rental unit.

Great space planning also makes any "generic" room feel inviting and intimate. A lucid screen acts as a partition, creating a sense of "faux" space division. All inspiring to those whose rental pad is defined as a blank canvas... with limitations and conditions (ugh).

The classic double cylinder pendant is by South Hill Home in Toronto, and the timeless collection of dining chairs, coffee table, sofa, screen, and cushions are by Klaus

A villa of inspiring reversible design...

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