Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Save the Earth in Style


Stylish and swank bags made with an eco-sense of design. Green goodness for our earth, and looks fabulously chic on your arm...
Go ahead and tote a fashionable accessory and feel good knowing you are helping our precious planet. (:


GumDrop FenderFlair from Little Earth, made from two license plates and chrome teardrop shaped ends

Multi-colored Patchwork Black Bag from Salvation Sacks made from recycled clothing material and vintage textiles.

Ad Bag from Alchemy Goods, constructed from super strong recycled vinyl mesh

Palomino Tote bags made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, by Earthchic at

English Retreads Mini Bag made from discarded truck and tractor inner tubes rescued from landfills

aGaiN NYC Tan Brocade Clutch, made from reclaimed fabric

Spirals natural fibres handbag crafted from "ate" grass (a durable grass that thrives on the islands of Indonesia and is recognized for its resistance to heat, water, and insects). From Novica, available at

Vy & Elle (a play on the word vinyl) Sling Tote, front and back of colourful reclaimed billboard vinyl

Bucket BazuraBag handmade by a women's cooperative in the Philippines. They are created from discarded juice pouches from their local schools, available at

Changes bag from Flat in Nelson B.C., uniquely "flat" when empty and incredibly expandable as made from donated vinyl tire tubes.

Chopstick Koo Bag made from discarded bamboo chopsticks by Kwytza Kraft at

Alchemy Goods Recycled Rubber Messenger Bag, strap made from two recycled seatbelt straps sewn together and exterior is completely waterproof as constructed from recycled inner tubes

Guatemalan Huipil Bag, made by Fair Trade Artisans. "Huipil" is a Spanish term for the traditional blouse worn by Mayan women in Guatemala and the discarded fabric is recycled into handbags. From

Aqua Salmon Striped Bag from Salvation Sacks, made from remnants of vintage fabric and material

Hawaiian Coconut Shoulder Bag made from real polished coconut by Fair Trade Artisans in Indonesia, available at

Flat Fun Tote Bag made with recycled bike inner tubes and rediscovered fabrics from Nelson, B.C.

Silver Treasure Zipper Purse made from recycled silver zipper heads that are tightly linked to one another, at

Red Flag Design Bags made of recycled sail cloth (from sailboats) in Vancouver

Baby Pink Mandala Soda Pop-Top Shoulder Bag by Neide Ambrosio, made from crocheting soda pop tops into a unique design available at

Puraza Design Bag, handmade from eco-friendly fabrics available at Not Just Pretty in Victoria

Il Postino Bag, made from recycled seat belt clasp and webbing and pleather vinyl by

Stacy Clutch from Relan, made from a piece of recycled vinyl billboard, available at Not Just Pretty in Victoria

Made in Brazil by Francis Oliveira, this bag is made from recycled magazines to create the woven bright beads.

Little Earth Washington Cyclone Plate Purse, made from 2 authentic, recycled license plates wrapped around 6-inch chrome hubcaps, a recycled rubber handle and a recycled rubber/bottlecap snap closure.

All-You-Can-Eat bag made from discarded 35mm slides created by Red Camper at

Hobo Patch Bag made from 95-100% reclaimed cotton with vintage teardrop patch appliqué from BTC Elements

A smooth recycled Large Vinyl Bag with black and white features resembling a holstein cow (without using the cow...of course) from Flat

Ecoist Newspaper Jumbo Coin Purse made from recycled newspaper

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