Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Send Me With a Blonde Bowl Cut...

Send a more intimate and personal holiday card this year. Sometimes those cards you buy in bulk at your local card store just doesn't have the flavour you are looking for to send to those you care about way, way far away!

I love this idea by Penny People Design based out of Toronto...

You can personalize your own stationery! Simply pick a design on the site and choose what to write on the card. The card turns out looking not only professional, but super sweet and charming... like you took the extra time to send that extra something!

On the above Snowflake card, for example, you get to decide what you would like written beneath the snowflake. *Write anything*.... that is sooooo cool!

And there are other fun cards that involve "dressing up" characters to look like you, and/or other people...

On the 2 Snowbunnies in Love card below, you can customize the Penny People Characters to look like you, and your loved one. That means you can pick out physical details right down to your skin tone, hair colour and hair style... (I can have fun with that!)

You have the option to also add text to the inside of your greeting cards for that extra special touch.
This would be a real standout from the rest of those holiday cards.
Joyfully meaningful... this card will definately be a keeper to anyone who receives it!

A super delightful idea from the Penny People... makes a lot of cents, er sense!

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