Thursday, December 7, 2006

From GiftWrap to PlaceMat

So, the fa-la-la festivities are practically around the corner... are you ready for the yuletide season? I was digging through my "holiday hutch" to try and locate my cute green and red placements... but disappointingly they are MIA! I came upon this creative idea and image from Cityline... tis a placemat made out of wrapping paper!
I think I am going to try and make my own. Seems simple enough...
Here's how it goes:

Get an 18x14 art board and spray or rub with adhesive. Place wrapping paper piece on top (make sure the cut is a bit bigger than the board), and smooth out so there are no bubbles or waves. Turn over and fold down and stick excess wallpaper at corners just like wrapping a gift.
Optional: spray with one or two coats of lacquer, allowing board to dry between coats -- makes it super glossy and cleanable!

I figure one could also try wallpaper on this DIY project...
A great idea on how to recycle and re-use that pretty gift wrap you receive at holidays!
Ah, creative cleverness... I love thee!

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