Friday, December 15, 2006

Metal Magic

I love the look of sparkling lanterns... especially when they adorn the walkway up to a home.

And these metal luminarias illuminate a path brightly and beautifully...
Give empty cans a new life by making lanterns... adds a touch of warmth, modern country, and a magical glow to any space!

Make unique metal luminarias by piercing designs in the sides of juice or soup cans and standing pillar candles of an appropriate size inside.

An easy DIY craft to make from BHG. It involves different sizes and shapes of recycled metal cans, paper for designs, punch style can opener, 16-penny square nail, a hammer, and wire for hanging (coat hanger?)... click here for full instructions for the hanging tins.

Gloriously shiny... bright and beautiful.... I simply adore any time of year!

(Now if only it will stop raining outside...)

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