Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh, Oh, Opoly!

I think this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!
Monopoly is the top-selling commercial board game in the world; and I am so excited to see the legendary Hasbro creation has morbed into a game of local trivia and landmarks a la Vancouver Island! Tis called Vancouver Island-opoly. A version designed by Outset Media specifically for us Island dwellers. Yippee!

Like where is Marvin Gardens and Park Place anyhow? But who cares, now!
I *do* know where the Empress Hotel is...! And that is all that matters as I am ready to get into the local real estate business....

"VANCOUVER ISLAND-OPOLY was created with the help of Vancouver Islanders. We asked locals what makes this place so great. While it’s impossible to include everything, Vancouver Island-Opoly hits the highlights with some of the island’s most interesting landmarks. Full of lighthouses, umbrellas, parks, ferries, and totem poles, this game is truly about Vancouver Island! So choose your token and roll the dice. Who knows? You may become the new owner of the Empress Hotel – or go surfing at Long Beach!"

This game was developed on Vancouver Island, and thus Outset Media is generously giving back to the Island by donating $2.00 from the sale of each game to go directly to the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children.

Advance straight to Go.. and collect this cool gift idea!

BUT, if you aren't game on playing with Vancouver Island landmarks, create your own with this cool innovation from TDC Games...

The Make Your Own-OPOLY... could make for some fun and interesting versions!

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