Saturday, December 2, 2006

Dear oh Deer

The Erich Ginder Ghost Antler coat rack...

Ah, hiddyho... nothing like hunting meself down a stag and baggin meself a great pair of stag antlers to mount on me wall! Ah, you know what they say: "trophy hunting will feed your ego"! Tis true! I trapped meself a heck of a score! Ok.... you can relax, I targeted this fine buck on Designpublic. Tis made from cast resin and acrylic. A Cruelty-free Coat Rack.... a sureshot!
I also fancy this animal-friendly Growing Veip Deer Plaque from RoseandRadish. Finally, I can pretend to have a steel heart and mount a few deer heads on my growing wildlife wall.... wicked!

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