Thursday, December 7, 2006

Glass Brick Walls

From this....

to this...

These Glass Brick Window Panels are created by Mark Lauckner at Mayne Island GlassWorks located on one of the gems of the Gulf Islands.
He works with discarded scrap glass which is melted and pressed into unique and innovative designs, such as this amazing wall panel composition.

"One of my ongoing activities is to cast historic objects in glass, to bring light into these opaque objects of cast iron and molded clay.... I have taken an interest in casting old antique bricks. My interest in local industrial history (glass factories and foundries) has brought into focus the historic firebrick. My involvement with furnace design has also contributed to a keen interest in these heritage refractories"

Thus, Lauckner began making glass molds from historic firebricks he recovered from abandoned ghost towns and derelict industrial wastelands in both British Columbia and Alberta. He has now transformed these different historic bricks into works of art and functionality...

The glass panel design can easily be incorporated into any home design. In interiors, glass brick windows can create the feeling of openness and transparency, while still dividing a room. In exterior walls, the glass can offer privacy and concealment while still allowing outside light to filter in.

I so admire Lauckner's cutting edge conceptions. The wall panels are both uniquely beautiful as art and design, but also as historical imprints of the past. What makes the glass brick panel walls so special is that they are made from heritage artifacts and recycled glass.... eco-style extraordinarie!