Sunday, December 3, 2006

ElleDecor Inspiration

One of my favourite rooms in my ElleDecor archives....
I simply adore this Bahamas (yes, you heard me) cottage porch of designer Tom Scheerer. I admire his designwork, so I was excited to be able to take a peek into his own personal space. I know it isn't particularly the season to showcase such a room that is both al fresco and tropical, but I am sure we are able to close eyes for a moment and fantasize... Mmmmm.... (:

I adore the cluster of tables.... oozing with character with the hole cutouts on all sides (I humbly admit it does reminds me of those tiny building blocks I would play with as a little one!). But, these are much more swank and chic... and a lot bigger, needless to say. The teak nesting tables are designed by Scheerer himself. Also, note the sari fabrics used on the banquettes. So inviting.

Ah, to grow wings like a bird and fly south for winter....

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