Sunday, December 3, 2006

Silly, Sassy, Stupid, or Smart?

Mathmos has designed the very creative Tumbler Light, available at plushpod. It is a modern accent light which alternates through a wide spectrum of colours when it senses it has been moved. The frosted glass block lamp is a rechargable unit and therefore can be taken anywhere. Hmmmm... just imagine. Is this a bright idea?

Apparently, the 1980's have made a huge comeback. The new generation of kids are trying to relive the era of those "born in the 70's". Not sure how I feel about that. This old school Please Hold gadget receiver by urbanoutfitters is meant to attach to your cell phone to mimick the "goldie oldie" telephone of the 80's... you remember them: coiled cord, rotary dial-out, deafening gong style metal bell... (gosh, how did we manage!). Well, now you can walk around all retro cool talkin on your "gnarly" phone to your totally "bad" friends. Far out! Now, you just have to get the 80's lingo down pat... like "radical", "bad to the bone", and "to the max". Totally tubular! Get your hands on an acid-washed jean jacket and you will be a rockin walkin talkin flashback! Cool?

Alfi Orange Spider thermos with web-like bottle protector from Alfi Carafes. I have never really taken a liking to the 8-legged creepy-crawlies, especially the sticky web thing.. ick! What is that called... arachnophobia or something? Well, maybe this I might be able to manage. How 'bout you... silly or sassy?

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